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About Adelisa

 -Hailing from the beautiful country of South Africa.. Adelisa was born with a passion for creating beauty.. At a very young age Adelisa worked with family learning how to create and work with fabrics and garments.. Before long she was designing patterns and even doing custom hand-made beadwork.. Born with an apparent love for beauty in craft.. She was then given a chance to work for a local wedding designer and there she was discovered for her talent.. For most of her teenage years Adelisa worked with this company helping to design some of the most innovative in event decor..


          -Good Energy and Karma-

Cupid struck, and the stars aligned - Adelisa met her Husband Jason and moved to the US..

Working off her life experience, passion for creative craftsmanship, and trying to achieve her childhood dreams.. Knowing she was meant to create, and following her deepest passion.. Adelisa and Jason then began their journey of Adelisa Decor..       


Adelisa Decor Wedding & Event Designer
Manhattan, Studio 450 Drapes By Adelisa Decor

The Small Details

At Adelisa Decor we are truly passionate about creating new looks with our clients inspirations in mind. Our intentions are mainly to make our clients happy with the work we provide while trying to help ease some of the stress that comes with planning an event ...  

We strive for perfection and love what we do..

Our clients get to express what they envision on their special day, and we pay attention to every detail.

We look forward to giving you a custom looking event that is unique to your vision...

Allow us to create for you that once in a lifetime special day that you and your guests will never forget..

Adelisa Decor is a small family owned NYC based company. operating since 2010..

We value the satisfaction of our clients..  & this is why every potential client gets the direct attention of the owners..

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